Edmund used car value

by admin on January 13, 2011

Edmund used car value is used a lot when trying to determine the worth of a used car. It is one of the most popular methods of valuing used cars and some even refer the Edmund used cars value as an authority.

The website of Edmund used car value states that the company was established in 1966 to be able to publish pricing guides regarding new and old vehicles in order to assist those who are seeking either to buy or sell a car. The website has been online for the past 16 years. There are no printed version of the Edmund used cars value guide unlike other major value guides like NADA and Kelly Blue Book. It is also not yet clear how Edmund used car value is collected and analyzed to bring it into the form of a guide. Moreover, you will also not find many dealers or financial institutions using Edmund used cars value for appraising trade in values.

One of the problems with Edmund used car value guide is the fact that the figures contained into them tend to be inflate. Both Edmund as well as Kelly Blue Book favor the deal with their higher retail values and lower trade in values. A lot of dealers actually use the Blue Book for cars; however, this number is still pretty small as compared to NADA book value.

When using an Edmund used car value, you need to remember that the price and value are two different things. Where price is the amount you will have to pay or will receive when buying/selling a car, value is something which is perceived. An Edmund used car value is no definite price and ultimately the market forces decide the price. They are just a form of guidelines for helping potential buyers and sellers.

The author of Edmund used cars value guarantees and unbiased opinion regarding used cars and this is one of the best things about Edmunds. They do a very good job on new car pricing, much better than for used cars.

Hence, if you are in search for a quote regarding a particular vehicle, it would be highly recommended that you get the quote using the official website of Edmunds whether you are looking for a new car value or an Edmund used car value. You should also refer to some of the other value guides so get a solid average price.


Edmund used car pricing

by admin on January 12, 2011

Edmund used car pricing can offer a lot of helpful information. Other than Edmund used car pricing, there is a lot of other valuable information on the official website of Edmunds who are looking to buy or sell either new or used cars. Edmund used car pricing guide list private party, trade in and dealer retail values of new and used cars.

Edmund used car pricing, as mentioned, has three categories. The trade in value of car is the price which a dealership would offer the consumer when they go to trade their vehicle for another one. Generally, this Edmund used car pricing is the price which the dealer would offer when the consumer trades with a car that is priced higher than the price of his own car which he/she is looking to trade. In the majority of cases, the trade in value is used for the purpose of giving down payment for the other vehicle. A number of dealers may even purchase the used car which the consumer is looking to sell if he does not want to trade in with that particular dealership. If this is the case, the trade in Edmund used car pricing value is normally used.

Private party Edmund used car pricing value is used as a form of guidance by individuals who are looking to sell their vehicle to another individual rather than any dealership or used car lot. If you are selling to another individual, the private party value will help you determine the worth of the car. If you are looking to buy a car from a dealership, then it would be better to sell your car to dealership rather than private since this will result in a higher amount of down payment.

The retail value of a car is used when a dealership is selling a vehicle to an individual. In a number of cases, the dealer will buy a used car which an individual wants to sell at the trade in value and will then sell that car to another individual at on or close to the retail Edmund used car pricing value. The reconditioning costs which the dealership bears will also be considered.

The above are the three kinds of Edmund used car pricing that you will come across and depending on which category you fall under, the Edmund pricing guide should provide a reasonable estimate of the car’s worth.


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